Funeral flowers

The inevitable death is something that every human being has to face and has to experience the loss of their loved ones. But that doesn’t mean we can’t accompany the deceased family in this particular sad moment. Flowers play a huge role in uplifting one’s spirit and bring a little bit of brightness in the gloomy situation. As sometimes words are not enough to express the feelings. You need flowers which eventually carries the intended meaning. And you can reflect your sympathy, warmth through the funeral flowers. There are various choices that you can go with here are some given below.

CARNATIONS as funeral flowers

Carnation is very important and unique for the funeral service. Anyone who wants to reflect their sympathy and condolence to the deceased family, this can be your best choice. Carnations come in a wide range of colors. You need to have red and white carnations for funeral services as these colors symbolize innocence and purity. And this can be the perfect reflection of meaning that you can sympathize with the decease’s family during the funeral service.

The exotic appearance that it gives with its imposing presence makes it very popular at the funeral service. So, have these carnations and make a simple bouquet of it for funeral service.                                 

CHRYSANTHEMUM as funeral flowers

The traditional funeral flower that you definitely can go with is Chrysanthemums. It is also known to be the ‘funeral flower’ in most of the countries culture like Korean, Japanese, European, etc. If we look at the beliefs of these countries’ cultures, then we will see that they directly symbolize sympathy, sorrow, and grief for the lost ones.

You can eventually go with this bouquet of Chrysanthemums which can never go wrong. Chrysanthemums come in various colors. You can modify these flowers by spraying and making them appropriate as per the situation. Chrysanthemum as a simple bouquet shows how sorrow you are feeling over their loss.

CYCLAMENS as funeral flowers

Cyclamens are one of the funeral flowers that are a little bit different from the traditional funeral flowers. They are pretty on appearance and have a subtleness on their charisma. The softness of the flower makes itself useful in most of the arrangements and decorations at the funeral services. This flower eventually symbolizes the meaning of the departure of a person’s soul and the acceptance of their soul to be entered into another dimension.

This flower is the perfect choice for anyone who is visiting for the funeral service. It speaks itself and sympathizes the bereaved family for realizing the fact and encouraging them to move on their life. 


One of the brightest flowers that can put a smile on anyone’s face is the daffodil. If you want to encourage them and be a part of their grievance, then Daffodils could be your best choice. It’s bright yellow color represents the warmth you can make to the members of the deceased family feel.

The bouquet of Daffodils is the significance to the emotional warmth. To give these flowers to the funeral services, you must have it on the clear vase to show the elegance and delicacy of the Daffodil flower. These stunning flowers are something that can never go wrong in the funeral service.


This go-to funeral flowers could be the choice for anyone who wants to represent the sympathy for the departed soul. The flower itself carries the symbolization of the memories shared with the lost ones. To simply, offer your warmth and expression of sorry, then this flower plays a vital role in reflecting it. It is tiny and is soft in the presence and delicate appearance. It can signify immense love and prayers for the departed soul. You can put in a horizontal flower arrangement or have it in a bouquet you can go either of these choices for the funeral service.

This flower will sympathetically showcase your emotions. As the name of the flowers speaks ‘forget me, not’ the remembrance of the departed soul will be conveyed.                    


These pretty flowers are one of the funeral flowers that most of the people go with for the funeral services. People also use gladioli for other occasions too as it can be the perfect inclusion of fragrance and beauty. Gladioli represents the strength of a character that you can convey to the bereaved family to have patience. You can pass on the energy of patience and calmness with the bouquet of Gladioli.

Moreover, the bunch of Gladioli also symbolizes an ardent of the sincerity of the departed soul. A bouquet of Gladioli represents your respect and condolence to the lost soul. You can even give it to the family members of the deceased and provide them the courage to be patient.


Lilies, being pure white, is the most natural funeral flower. It is one of the sought-after flowers when it comes to funeral arrangements. The assuasive and captivating look and appearance of it makes it suitable for the funeral. A bouquet of lily represents the peace that the well-wishers pray to the family members of the deceased. In this sad moment, this flower can be the prayer of peace for the departed soul too.

Eventually, this flower conveys and also symbolizes the pureness and sinlessness of the departed soul. You can wish the right prayers and sympathize with the lost soul with the bouquet of lilies. It can never go wrong as it fits perfectly with the theme of the funeral.    


Marjoram is a tiny flower that is elegant and delicate in appearance. It is also one of the funeral flowers that you can go with for the funeral services. It’s light and reassuring presence makes it very appropriate for the funerals where you need to be softer and patient. Eventually, this flower represents consolation and comfort to the family members of the lost one. If you want to deliver your message of ‘have patience,’ then you must offer the bouquet of Marjoram to the deceased family members.

This flower can be the best choice that you can with for the funeral service as it symbolizes consolation for the family’s member loss.


Nasturtium is one of the funeral flowers that people use in funeral services. Most people get confused because of its different appearance. Nasturtiums directly symbolize deep-rooted patriotism. These flowers are used when an army or any individual lose love for the nation. And it has become a practice to use this flower for those patriotic departed souls and honor them with great gratitude.

You can take a bouquet of Nasturtiums to attend army officers funeral. Nasturtium will be perfect for the consolation with respect and honor for them. It is one of the respected funeral flowers that can never go wrong as you choose for this particular reason.


This very funeral flower, violet is one of those choices that you can go with for the funeral services. Violets symbolize faithfulness and fidelity. The individuals who have lost their partner offer violets to the departed soul. You can also give them to the bereaved family members as a memory of their loved ones.

Moreover, the partner of the departed soul can specially offer this flower in a bouquet. It may represent their undying love and convey the message of eternal faithfulness to them. However, be careful on the choice as this particular violet carries such meaning. If the departed soul is very dear to you, then you can offer it on the funeral service.

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