Gardening tools

Gardening Tools-how to use and avoid accidents

You can find different types of tools and equipment that helps to perform your jobs effectively and efficiently in the garden. The tools and equipments that eases your work in the garden is called gardening tools. Here are some of the essential gardening tools that you need while working in the garden.


Hand weeder is one of the significant gardening tools. It is one of the easiest and handiest gardening tools. They are best designed to remove the weeds that are leeching in your garden or lawn. As you don’t need to use specific chemicals or any fertilizers to remove the grass, all you need is the weeder. It doesn’t pollute your garden, and you can remove the weed individually, removing the root. The hand weeder is similar in size with the regular garden trowel. It has an identical handle in shape and size, and the handle is attached to a long, thin metal pole that ends in two forking tines that are around 1 inch (2.5 cm) long.

Gardening tools
Hand weeder

Well, mostly the appropriate place for buying the hand weeder is the hardware store. You can also get in the supermarkets too. In the U.S.A there are specific, some stores like Purple Mountain Organics, Cherry Creek Ace Hardware, Cobrahead LLC. You can even buy the hand weeder via online as it is much easier these days to purchase objects online. You can reach online websites and can order online too. Websites like Amazon, Ali express, Ali Baba are there for you to buy the products as you select it online and order it. Talking about the cost of the Hand weeder it can range from $7 to $ 35 depending on its features and product delivery charges. 


  • Among other gardening tools, weeders are very useful for removing the weeds from the gardens. It doesn’t pollute your garden.
  • They are also convenient in breaking the soil crust and creation of soil mulch.
  • You can enjoy the alone time by using the weeder in your garden as it will take a long time. You can correctly take care of each root and remove the weed which is on your garden with the help of the weeder.
  • Unlike other gardening tools, it is much safer for the environment, children, and animals. You can do your work without harming the environment. 


Use gloves and knee pad for your safety before using the gardening tools.

  • Firstly, you need to soak the ground throughout the night to soften your garden soil. 
  • When your soil is soft in the morning, it will be much easier for you to start the work. And the weeds will quickly come off without breaking the top of the grass from the roots, with the use of the hand weeder. 
  • Poke the sharped edge of the hand-weeder into the soil near the root. It will loosen the soil around the root of the weed. You need to go far enough down to the ground so that you can get around the root as much as possible. 
  • Use your one hand to hold the top of the weed and use another hand to push the hand weeder to handle down like a lever almost on the 45 degrees angle toward the soil. And eventually, pull the root of the weed up with the help of hand weeder. 
  • You need to do this process in your garden or lawn with the hand weeder where you see such weeds damaging your plant. Check into the hole of the garden wherever you find any pieces of the leftover root. If you find any, dig them out with the help of hand weeder. 
  • Lastly, when you have removed all of the weeds from your garden. You need to dispose of the pulled weeds away from the field where it is possible. 


  • Most importantly, while handling the gardening tools (weeder), you need to very careful. As you use the hand weeder, you need to cover your hands with the protective gloves so that you can avoid any injury during the weed removing process. 
  • You should also use kneeling pads or cushioned garden pads to make it easier for you to remove the weeds. You need to kneel whenever you pull out the grass with the hand weeder; thus, kneeling pads would help you from any knee injury that you may get while doing your work. 


One of the overlooked tools of gardening is Garden scissors, often named as Pruning Shears. Its use is not limited in any particular work; it has versatile functions from opening the seed packets to pruning jobs of small flowers. If you have more shrubs than the lawn, then this will be your go-to tool to beautify and maintain your plant. Most of the gardeners prefer pruning shears as one of the important gardening tools.

Gardening tools

Mostly you can order online these days via the online stores where you can choose, order, and get delivered by paying through your credit card., Ali express,, and many more if not, then there are some stores like The Pruner Warehouse, Spirit Pruners, Pruners,, Superior Fruit Equipment. The pruning shears can range from $31 to $2000 depending on its features. You can find a wide variety of pruners from manual to electric. 


  • It is beneficial in removing the weeds and cutting unwanted branches.
  • It is very handful gardening tool as it is very strong enough to prune the branches of the trees and shrubs up to two centimeters thick. 
  • Pruning shear is very useful to give proper shapes to your bushes in the garden. It makes the garden clean and attractive.
  • It has its implementation in the arboriculture too. The arborist uses it to maintain the woody plants and trees. 
  • Moreover, it is also a prominent tool in farming and nature conservation.


  • Look around your garden and identify and decide the part of the branch that you want to trim and prune. 
  • Make your pruning shear sharp so that it can be used very quickly while cutting the branches. You need to sharpen the blades with a fine-tooth file, occasionally when you are ready to use them in your garden. 
  • Hold the branch that you are willing to cut with your one hand. Then, use your gardening tool with your other hand to snip the branch, line up the blade itself with your cutting site. And remember you should leave no less than 2 inches of length between the trunk and branch of your tree or bush. Every cut should be clean to avoid any damage to the plant or shrub. Also, do not over cut you’re your branches right down to the trunk. 
  • Collect all those wasted branches that you had cut. Dispose of it away from the garden and make sure your yard is clean when you have completed your work with the pruning shears. 
  • Lastly, when you complete your task, clean your gardening tools properly with water and then dry them out. When it is dried, cover them with a cover and place it in a toolbox or tool shed. Make sure to keep the pruning shears in a safe place and don’t exposed out in external weather or exterior elements. 


  • Most importantly, while cutting with the use of pruning shears, you are only using your hand muscle. It can lead to fatigue, soreness in your hand muscles, or even repetitive stress injury sometimes. To avoid this, you need to use the deepest part of the blade to cut so that the leverage can be at its maximum. Moreover, when the wood or branch resists a pruner cut due to its thickness, switch to your loppers. 
  • Get a holster where you can have your pruner fit appropriately with a hole at the bottom. It will make all the dust, wood chips, wastes to fall away instead of collecting it. 
  • Make sure you use gloves while using these gardening tools, it will protect you from any injury that may get. Also, put on some glasses to protect your eyes as there will be sharp pricking bushes or trees around the garden.


Soil Knife (also referred to as weeding knife) is also one of the over-looked multipurpose gardening tools, which is much more useful in performing various kinds of work related to gardening. It is called ‘Hori-Hori’ which means ‘to dig’ in Japanese. The knife is about eleven to fifteen inches long, which eventually depends on the size of the handle. Soil knife is such a multifunctional that it can replace the weeder, trowel, scissors, saw, etc. You can use it to divide plants, flowers, plant bulb set, remove rocks, clean out cracks, dig out weeds, cut twine, and ties.

Gardening tools

If you want to buy the soil knife, then you can go through some stores like Ace Hardware, Down to Earth Home and Garden and many more you can find via google search. Various stores could help you with various essential gardening tools. You can buy them online too if you want as it is easy to order and get it delivered on your doorstep.,,, etc. are the online stores where you can get these knives. Most of the soil knives range from $ 12 to $ 40 depending on its features. And if it’s online that you are ordering the delivery charge may be there for you to pay.


  • Well, soil knife is not limited to a particular job or work in the garden. Its tip is so pointed that it is very appropriate to weed in the garden. As the soil knife has durable blades, it can take out or remove tough weeds from your garden.
  • The shape of the soil knife is similar to the thin trowel which makes the gardener to dig holes or do transplanting in the garden. You can even use this gardening tool to open a bag of garden soil and also for cutting garden twine. 
  • You can use it in making seedling lines in the garden bed so you can sow rows of seeds.
  • You can use soil knife for a quick fix when you have a small branch or sucker to remove from your garden.
  • Soil knife, a multipurpose gardening tool works as a pruner too.


  • There is no specific way of using Soil knife; it can vary from the job you are trying to do with it. So, when you are using it, hold it in one hand and treat it like a cross between a trowel and a saw. 
  • You can use it to remove weeds from a narrow space such as between pavers. The serrated blade is indispensable for cutting through the weeds and can help loosen the root-bound plants.  
  • You can use its smooth edge to slice through small weeds, stems, twine, and bags of fertilizer. 


  • Keep the soil knife in a protective cover sheath and clip it onto your belt or hip holster so that you can carry the soil knife with you safe while you are gardening.
  • You need to keep the tool in a safe place so that you won’t get hurt while using it by misplacing it. 
  • Make sure you are using gloves while using the soil knife because the blades could get you hurt as they are very sharp. You will be using it mostly, so the chance to get an injury is high, so protect yourself with gloves.


A shovel is an essential gardening tool that everyone prefers to use in the garden to dig, move bulk materials, lifting soil, and other things related to the garden. Most shovels are hand tools consisting of a broad blade attached to a medium-length handle. It is one of the multi-tasking and multipurpose gardening tools which is not limited to a specific work.

Gardening tools

You can get a shovel in the hardware stores near you. You may order through online stores like,,, etc where you can search and chose from among various gardening tools. You will get your product at your doorstep. The cost of a shovel ranges from $7 to $ 70 depending on its product features and designs. Some may have modernized design and installation of new materials which can vary the price all in all. And if you order it online, some may charge you the delivery fee however some may offer free delivery.


  • A shovel has a broad blade attached with a medium-length handle which allows the gardener to have the digging work very efficiently. Its leverage utilizes the force that you need to dig the garden.
  • As the shovel has a broad blade, you can quickly put soil, rock, gravel, snow, etc. in it can shift it to other areas where you intend to have.


  • If you intend to dig holes in your garden, then you surely got to take a Round point shovel. So, when you have it, start your work in the garden where you need some digging. So, put the sharp round blade in the soil hardly because it allows the blade to cut into the ground. Then, you can lift it with its wooden handle. 
  • If the soil is too hard, then you can put some foot pressure on top of the shovel blade and start the digging work in your garden. 
  • If you want to move things around with the shovel, then make sure you get a square pointed shovel because it can give you enough space to fit in materials, soil, gravel, rocks, etc. in its broad blade. With it, you can quickly shift thing around in your garden if you want. 


  • Well, most importantly the shovels are used for bulky works, so you need to be prepared. Get your boots ready so that you don’t get injured.
  • You need to put a lot of leg pressure so that you may get soreness in your leg muscle.
  • Use gloves on your hand so that you can avoid hand injury because while using shovel is bulky in itself, so you better be well prepared with the gloves. 
  • And due to the repetitive use of your hand, you may get soreness in your hand muscles or your body. To avoid it use the handle more efficiently with an only average load on the blade making less pressure on your hands or legs. 


Garden rakes is a significant gardening tools which most of the gardeners use in their garden. It is a broom-like tool often named as the horticultural implement consisting of a toothed bar fixed transversely to a handle. They are one of the useful tools of gardening that every gardener needs to have in their garden. Because of its salient features, they are very used up into the gardening jobs, and landscaping works like collecting leaves, hay, grass, etc. Not limited to one function garden rakes is what you must have at the garden. Having steel tines attached with a long handle for convenience.

Gardening tools

You can buy them on hardware stores nearby your place. You can also buy them in supermarkets where the hardware section is situated. However, you can also do online shopping if you want because there are online stores where you can choose, search, and get the best deal. You can go through some of the websites like, and many more where a variety of garden rakes are waiting for you. You can have your product delivered on your doorstep and talking about the price; garden rakes can cost from $ 14 to $35 depending on the features of the product. Some may even have the product deliver free.


  • Garden rakes are very useful, and they can be used to improve the condition and the tilth of the soil for the proper gardening. So, you can use the garden rake to break big soil clumps and pull out stones and other wastes. They can even be used to mulch soil and mix fertilizer for improving the soil’s quality.
  • Due to the sharp tines of the rakes, it can pull out the robust weeds. And you can clean up your garden by pulling out the wastes or unwanted plants mostly, gathering and moving more large debris. 
  •  You can use it for ground coverings like chipping and bark which can be moved and gathered into mounds or spread level. 


  • Garden rakes are very long-handed tools, so you need to be very careful while using it and placing it in the workplace or your garden. 
  • If you are using the Garden rakes then mostly the part of it that is working is its wide tines. If you are tamping the soil with the rakes, then make sure you put pressure on the land with the rake tines. And you can continue it with the help of attached handle forcing it to the soil.
  • If you are using it for clearing the debris, then put your both hands on the handle and move it slowly to the area where there are wastes. Simultaneously, the trash will be stuck in the tines and pull it and dispose of where available. 
  • Also, you need to take good care of garden rakes after using. Wash the tines properly, let them dry and store in a dry place out from any exposure to external elements. 


  • You need to very careful while handling garden rakes because the long-handled tool has wide tines and you can get an injury while using it. 
  • Make sure you are wearing boots so that you could avoid accidents.
  • You also need to have gloves in your hands so that while in contact with the sharp tines, you don’t get any injury from it. 
  • As you will be using it mostly by your hands, so make sure you have been prepared with the precautions beforehand. 

 GARDEN HOE as gardening tools

Hoe is a very ancient and versatile gardening tool used as an agricultural and horticultural tool since fifth centuries. And today it has become a tool that every gardener has for their garden as Garden Hoe. It is gardening equipment consisting of a long pole or handles with a sharp blade attached to it. Due to its versatile functions, you can use a garden hoe for various jobs like shaping soil, digging narrow furrows, removing weeds, clearing, etc. For any gardener thinking of having a vegetable garden, the garden hoe is the ideal gardening tool that one must have to perform the job very efficiently.

Gardening tools

You can buy the garden hoe in your nearby stores or you can order online too.,,, etc. are some of the websites that you can look up to for the online buying of a garden hoe. Well, most of the garden hoes are pretty affordable, and it can cost you from $ 7 to $100 depending on its features and product design. Some may not charge you any for the delivery, but some may add charges to what you bought from the website. 


  • Garden Hoe is beneficial in removing weeds as they are a lot easier than hand weeding. As it has sharp blades, you can pull out the resisting weeds with fewer efforts. 
  • It can also cut through the stubborn roots with its sharp edge. It also allows you to kill the seedlings which have not appeared above the ground. 
  • You can use it to shape the soil in your garden so that you can prepare the garden for the nesting of new greens. The hoe can easily break up tough, sun-baked clay and remove the rocks for the better growth of plants in your garden.
  • You can also use it for digging narrow furrows due to its large blades that are capable of breaking into the soil. Even in the past centuries, gardeners used hoes as a digging tool to cultivate in their fields and gardens.


  • You should always keep your hoe sharper when you are using it because it will make your work easier and smoother. And when it is sharp, you can cut the weeds or dig the garden very efficiently without any problem. 
  • You need to calculate perfect timing while using the garden hoe as removing the weeds take perfect weather where the plants are only moist and are small in size. It will make it more comfortable for you to use the garden hoe for weeding.
  • You can use the garden hoe when the soil surface is dry because when you chop down the weeds, they stand less chance on re-rooting if the soil is dry.


  • If you intend to use garden hoe then make sure that you are in the right position having your back upright so that you don’t get pressure in your back.
  • You need to have your boots to avoid accidents while using such gardening tools.
  • Make sure you switch sides when you are using the garden hoe because it’s going to take a lot of your hand muscles effort using it. So, to avoid the soreness in your hand muscles, you need to switch side so you can distribute pressure more evenly on your body, letting you have more endurance for the work. 

 GARDEN FORK as gardening tools

Garden fork, often named as digging fork, graip or spading fork is one of the useful gardening tools. It consists of short and sturdy tines attached with a handle (made of wood or steel). You can use it for loosening, lifting, and turning over soil in gardening. It can also rake out stones, remove weeds, and break up clods.

Gardening tools

You can buy it nearby your stores where hardware is available. You can also buy it online through,, etc. Most of the garden forks cost range from $ 20 to $ 50. So, it’s something you can afford as it is very beneficial for gardening work.


  • You can use a garden fork for various purpose like digging in the garden. It’s sharp tines can penetrate the soil effortlessly mostly on the compacted or rocky soil.
  • You can use it to turn over the soil for the garden. Its sharp tines help to spread compost in the garden.
  • You can easily remove weeds from your garden by using this gardening tool. Its sharp tines help to pull out the stubborn unwanted roots and plants quickly.
  • You also may use a garden fork to clean the garden by removing decaying leaves, moss, and other debris. As it is handy, you will be able to use it efficiently while cleaning up the yard.


  • Make sure the tines of your tools are sharp enough so that you can perform the work easily.
  • If you are not having the tines working, put your leg pressure on the blades. The pressure also helps in aerating soils and can have better air circulation.
  • Wash and clean the garden form with water. 
  • After finishing your job, store it in a dry place and avoid exposure of any elements on it. 


  • When you are using your gardening tools, make sure you wear gloves and boots.
  • Use the garden fork exchanging the sides so that you can divide the pressure and gain the endurance for work.
  • While lifting the weight with the fork, straighten your knees gradually and use your leg muscles to power the lift. It will avoid any soreness in your leg muscles or on your back.

GARDEN TROWEL as gardening tools

Another significant gardening tool is the garden trowel. It is a hand trowel which most of the gardeners use for seedlings, weeding, transplanting, digging and many more. It has a pointed scoop-shaped metal and a small handle (of wood/plastic/metal). You can also use it to mix the fertilizers or other additives in the garden.

Gardening tools

You can buy it anywhere near the hardware store or even in supermarkets where the gardening tools are available. However, you can always opt to buy the garden trowel online via websites like and You can choose and order the products of your choice and even have it delivered on your doorstep; it’s just that easy. And talking about the cost, the Garden fork ranges from $3 to $55.


  • You can apply to break up the earth and dig small holes where you want to grow plants. It’s pointed blade makes more comfortable to work in the garden by holding the pressure to the ground.
  • You can also use it for weeding, as it can handle the resisting weeds individually. It can also remove the unwanted roots from the garden.
  • Garden trowel is also very efficient in moving things like having one plant from one place to the other. It helps the young plants to place properly without any harm to it.
  • It is beneficial in potting as it can hold the compost for planting flowers into the pots. Its average size allows the gardener to put the fertilizer into the pot very smoothly. 


  • When you are using it for digging, make sure the sharpened tip of the blade is into the soil. Put pressure on the handle of the trowel, which allows the edge to go deeper into the land. 
  • Lift the handle and repeat this method until you get the desired hole in the soil for your gardening. 
  • You can use it for removing the unnecessary weeds too. Apply the sharp blades into the roots and provide pressure with the handle. Lift it and remove the weeds.
  • Make sure you wash your gardening tools once you have used it. And you should always store it in a dry place where moisture cannot ruin the tool.
  •  You should always sharpen the blades of garden trowel before you use.


  • You should always have your gloves in your hand while using gardeninig tools.
  • You should also wear boots to keep your leg secure. There could be rocks or edgy roots which can injure you so better be careful.
  • Always have your both hands get work with the garden trowel time after time. This allows the release of any pressure in your hand muscles, avoiding the strain on your body. And this can also prevent the soreness that you may get while using it. 

Moreover, various gardening tools can be beneficial for the garden like the watering can, wheelbarrow, transplant spade, powered chainsaw, apex shed, machete, kneeler, lawnmower, loppers, and many more. It’s your choice as most of the tools have versatile functions. So get those gardening tools on for your garden today and start gardening. All the best.

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