anthurium clarinervium care

Anthurium Clarinervium Care

Anthurium Clarinervium is a genus of flowering plants that consists mainly of epiphytic anthurium species found in Central and South America, the Caribbean, and southeastern Mexico. The species was first described by Austrian botanist Franz von Paula Schrank in 1798 as Eucharis clarinervia. The type species is now Anthurium clarinervium. There are three recognized species …

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when does grass grow, day or night?

Does Grass Grow at Night?

Grass grows all day, so it probably does grow at night. Even though you may not be able to see the grass growing by the day, it will keep on growing away just the same as it does when the sun is out. By nightfall, some of the solar power has been stored in plant …

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What Size Grow Bag for Tomatoes

A grow bag – or growth bag – is simply a container that your plant can live in. It can be made from many different materials, including plastic, paper and fiber. In terms of plants, the term “grow bag” refers to a container that is filled with soil and used for growing something other than …

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are carrots man made

Are Carrots Man Made?

In the vegetable family, carrots are very close cousins to parsnips; they share a similar flavor and sweetness. Carrots are actually believed to have been derived from wild carrots, which originated in Central Asia. They were a popular food source for hunters and herders because they could be grown under less fertile conditions than other …

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man made broccoli

Is Broccoli Genetically Modified?

Broccoli is a vegetable that grows in bunches with green flower-like heads. There are many different kinds of broccoli, but the most common types have a tough outer skin and deep purple and green florets. The stems of broccoli are also edible and taste similar to the florets. Is broccoli genetically modified? Yes, broccoli is …

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portulaca winter care

Portulaca Winter Care

Portulaca is a vigorous, warm-season annuals with pretty flowers ranging from pink to red or purple. In the autumn, ersatz papyrus plants become dormant and start to wither. Some plants will die back completely; others will simply turn brown and stay relatively sturdy for the winter. Sunlight is an important factor in how long a …

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mint plant dying

Mint Plant Dying

The mint plant is an aromatic herb indigenous to the Mediterranean. There are many different types of mints, including peppermint, spearmint, apple mint, and orange mint. Spearmint is one of the most popular varieties as it’s distinguished by its strong aroma and sweet flavor which can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Peppermint …

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Calibrachoa plant dying

Why is my Calibrachoa Dying?

Calibrachoa or million bells is a variety of petunia that is known for its glossy leaves. The flowers come in a wide range of colors and can be used as both an indoor and outdoor plant. The name calibrachoa (pronounced kal-i-brak-o’a) comes from the Greek word Kalos, which means “beautiful”, and amaranth, which refers to …

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do roses like wood ash

Is Wood Ash Good for Roses?

Wood ash is a by-product of the burning process in fireplaces and wood stoves, and it can be applied as a fertilizer to your plants. Whether or not this substance is good for roses is debatable, as there are many different opinions on this topic. It does appear that wood ash could have been helpful …

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