Gardening Tools

best wheelbarrow for garden


A necessity found in the gardener’s backyard, or the construction site, is the wheelbarrow, a transporter carrying loads. A wheelbarrow is a simple tool having two handles, a body, and a single or two-wheeled. What is a wheelbarrow? A wheelbarrow is a small vehicle, usually having a single wheel or sometimes two. An only person …

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Bow rake

It’s possible to have a garden or backyard, and it is useful if you have a leaf rake. Although the rake designs are the same, you will need more than one type of rake, depending on the jobs you do. Among different types of rake, you can use bow rake for gardening purposes. What is …

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The trowel is one of the gardening tools. It is one of the handheld tools that gardener use for applying or digging holes. It is small in size, having a short handle and pointed blade. There are different types of metal used in trowels, and they have their specific purposes. Stainless steel trowels: They are …

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What is a shovel? A shovel is a tool consisting of a broad blade, a grip and a medium-length handle, used for digging or picking up. The blade is usually made up of metal, or steel sheet, or from hard plastic. Generally, the shovel handles are made from wood. Shovels are similar to spades. It …

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