Young Artichoke Plant

Artichoke Plant – How to Grow and Care

What is an Artichoke plant? An artichoke plant, scientifically named as Cynara scolymus, is a herbaceous plant. It belongs to the family Asteraceae, and its common name is Artichoke, globe artichoke, green Artichoke, and French Artichoke. Artichokes are beautifully grown perennial plants. Artichoke plants have long, silvery-green leaves. The leaves look soft, but they can …

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A summer squash, Zucchini, is one of the members of the gourd family. Its first origin is Central America, and now it is spread to the rest of the world. It grows up to 1 meter in length, and usually, people harvest in their field. People use Zucchini as a vegetable, but it also falls …

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