dying lavender plant revive

Lavender Plant Dying

Lavender is a flowering plant in the mint family. It is often used as an herb and has strong antiseptic properties. Lavender’s genus name, Latin name, and common name all come from the word “lavare” which means “to wash.” This refers to its pungent fragrance when crushed or rubbed. Why is my lavender plant dying? …

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is lavender a flower

Is Lavender a Flower?

Lavender is a flower that has been known to be utilized for its aromatic and purifying qualities. Lavender is a perennial herb with leaves that have distinctive linear markings. It flowers in late summer, producing purple flowers on spikes of varying heights from four inches to two feet tall. It has been used by humans …

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is wheat a vegetable

Is Wheat a Vegetable?

This article is about the answer to a question many have asked. It’s not just a “yes” or “no”. Wheat can be classified as both a vegetable and a grain. It depends on how you categorize it, but for this post, let’s turn to the dictionary for an answer. Merriam-Webster defines wheat as “a plant …

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cebu blue plant care

Cebu Blue Pothos Care

The Cebu Blue Pothos is an excellent houseplant to add color to any room, balcony or patio. The undivided lance-shaped leaves are a beautiful blue-green color and the plant will produce small white flowers when mature. This is a low-maintenance plant that is as easy to grow on its own as it is in a …

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