Is Lavender a Flower or a Herb?

Lavender is a beautiful herb with an intense and sweet scent. It’s also popular in cooking because of the flavor and color it adds to dishes. Most people know lavender as a flower, but not all flowers are lavender. Here, we’ll talk about whether or not lavender is a flower, so read on! What is …

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Is Grass a Living Thing?

This is a question that has been debated for centuries, but never truly answered. Most would say no, saying that grass is merely a superficial accessory of the Earth and nothing more. On the other hand, many others including famous scientists and philosophers such as Charles Darwin and Aristotle—would argue that because every living thing …

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Why are Bonsai Trees so Expensive?

Bonsai trees are a traditional Japanese art of growing plants in containers that have been developed over centuries. These plants have slowly been gaining popularity in recent years, and they can now be found in homes all across North America. because bonsai trees require a lot of care, they can get expensive quickly. In addition …

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snake plant disadvantages

Snake Plant Disadvantages

A snake plant is one of the most popular plants in today’s homes. A lot of people choose to buy it because its simple green leaves are easy to care for and don’t demand much attention. Despite these advantages, many people have never even heard of this plant before, or they aren’t aware of the …

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parsley herb example

Examples of Herbs

Herbs are plants used for culinary, medicinal, or religious purposes. Some herbs are used to provide relief of symptoms such as pain, fever, or cold. Other herbs are used for cosmetic purposes or as natural dyes. The word ‘herb’ is derived from the Old French word ‘erbe’, meaning grasses and vegetables which were grown in …

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different types of shrubs

25 Examples of Shrubs

A shrub is a woody plant that has many stems and grows to be no taller than 10 m. Shrubs are characterized by having several from 1 to 5 inches in diameter. Some common types of shrubs include privet, hawthorn, and juniper bush. In this article, we are going to go through the various types …

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do plants like music

Do Plants Like Music?

While there is some research pointing towards plants being able to sense and react to sound, it’s still difficult to say whether or not music has a tangible effect on your plants. Anecdotally, many gardeners have personal anecdotes about how they play music for their plants while harvesting produce and the results are fruits with …

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