do plants like music

Do Plants Like Music?

While there is some research pointing towards plants being able to sense and react to sound, it’s still difficult to say whether or not music has a tangible effect on your plants. Anecdotally, many gardeners have personal anecdotes about how they play music for their plants while harvesting produce and the results are fruits with …

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do plants attract bugs

Do Plants Attract Bugs?

Bugs are often attracted to plants for the same reasons people are, namely, they want something green and leafy to munch on. And while it might seem strange that plants attract bugs, it’s actually a fairly common occurrence. In this article we go into detail if plants attract bugs and why does that happen. Do …

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what makes plants grow

What Do Plants Need to Grow?

Plants need a number of things in order for them to grow. In this article, we are going to explore what plants need for them to grow. What Plants Need to Grow: 1. sunlight: All plants need sunlight for them to grow. Without the sun, they cannot produce chlorophyll which is essential for photosynthesis. Chlorophyll …

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do plants die of old age

Can Plants Die of Old Age?

We all know that plants “live”  but do they die as well? And if so, why? Only time will tell. But for now, the answer to this question is, yes. To fully explore what it means for a plant to die of old age, we must first examine how plants grow and mature over time. …

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are plants alive

Are Plants Alive?

One of the most heated debates that have been going on for years is whether or not plants are alive and this article aims to address exactly that, without wasting any more time let’s dive in! Most of us consider plants to be pretty passive and docile, but research suggests otherwise. According to research, plants …

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number of rose petals

How Many Petals Does a Rose Have?

Roses have been grown in Egypt and Mesopotamia since at least the second millennium BC. In ancient times, roses were used for adornment and also for their therapeutic properties. Roses had a higher status in China than elsewhere around the globe. In China, they were often found in gardens as well as inside homes. In …

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can grass grow in winter?

Can Grass Grow in Winter?

This article will answer if it’s possible to grow grass during winter and how they can grow grass in winter. A lot of people believe that grass can be greener without any direct sunlight. In this article, I will tell you what is the most important sunlight for growing grass and how to go about …

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