What Size Grow Bag for Tomatoes

A grow bag – or growth bag – is simply a container that your plant can live in. It can be made from many different materials, including plastic, paper and fiber. In terms of plants, the term “grow bag” refers to a container that is filled with soil and used for growing something other than …

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man made broccoli

Is Broccoli Genetically Modified?

Broccoli is a vegetable that grows in bunches with green flower-like heads. There are many different kinds of broccoli, but the most common types have a tough outer skin and deep purple and green florets. The stems of broccoli are also edible and taste similar to the florets. Is broccoli genetically modified? Yes, broccoli is …

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is wheat a vegetable

Is Wheat a Vegetable?

This article is about the answer to a question many have asked. It’s not just a “yes” or “no”. Wheat can be classified as both a vegetable and a grain. It depends on how you categorize it, but for this post, let’s turn to the dictionary for an answer. Merriam-Webster defines wheat as “a plant …

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Soybean – How to grow and care

What is Soybean? The soybean is a bushy, free branching annual that grows 12-36 inches tall belonging to family Fabaceae. Soybeans are native to East Asia. The whole plant i.e. stems, leaves, and pods are hairy. Pods extend from 1-4 inches long in clusters of three to five. Each pod contains 2-5 seeds. Flowers are …

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