How Long Can Monstera Live in Water?

Long-time plant lovers have discovered that one of the most attractive ways to show-off a monstera, as well as a wide variety of other plants, is in clear glass bottles or jars containing water.

It’s a real treat to be able to see the roots, which are normally hidden in the soil of the pot they’re planted in, and it’s also a clever way to feature your monstera. But the question is, how long can monstera live in water?

Monstera, or Monstera deliciosa, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, are tropical plants that originated in Central America. Thus it can do quite well in water for some time as plant cuttings for propagation purposes, or simply as decore. However, you must remember to be extra kind in caring for it, as soil is really its natural environment.

How Long Can Monstera Live in Water?

With average indoor temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius), these tropical plants can survive in water for up to three weeks without nutrients or light.

Will a Monstera Flourish In Water?

If you want to ensure that your monstera will do excellently then, as is true with most non-aquatic plants, you should plant it in soil. Every plant needs certain nutrients that they receive from the soil, and they just aren’t there if it remains only in the water.

But your monstera will not die on you or become ill if left in the water. Adaptability Monsteras are extremely adaptable plants, so they can cope well under a vast array of circumstances. It is this adaptability that enables us to grow them so easily indoors.

While they can exist in water, they will fail to grow as large or be as healthy as a Monstera that is placed in a pot filled with soil. For many people, one of the main reasons they like Monstera plants is the fact that they can reach an enormous size, thus their Latin name. But there are some valid reasons why someone just might want to keep this plant in water for a long while

can monstera live in the water forever?

The flexibility of the plant not only allows it to thrive in water but also enables it to tolerate and adapt to different climates outdoors. The monstera is hardy, will thrive in a variety of light conditions, and can be grown from a cutting in a number of different containers. Monsteras are especially popular among large families because they are easy to maintain.

Do Monsteras Keep Putting Out New Leaves In Water?

Under normal circumstances, it shouldn’t take Monstera cuttings longer than 2 weeks or so to begin growing roots once they are placed in water.

Once the roots are established, you should be seeing a couple of new leaves emerge providing the plant is receiving enough light. What you need to keep in mind though, is that Monsteras won’t achieve their full potential for growth if they remain in the water.

This isn’t the natural environment for this type of plant, and because of this it is not obtaining the resources it requires in order to grow as big as it can. It will stay a smaller size as long as it is in the water, and the leaves will not grow as they should either.

If you pay close attention, you can clearly see what happens. The plant will definitely put out new leaves regularly, but every time that occurs, an older/ larger leaf will fall off. So, while the plant may be generating new growth, it will essentially remain the same size

Can you water Monstera with tap water?

In short, You can use Tap water to water your monstera plant, however, just like most plants rainfall water is the best when it comes to Monstera Monsteras are tropical plants that need frequent watering, particularly during the first few weeks of growth.

This is mainly due to the fact that they do not have a root system and rely on their leaves to take in water and nutrients for their survival. Although monsteras can tolerate regular rainfall, it can harm or even kill them when exposed to long periods of moisture.

During periods of heavy rainfall, be sure to provide your monstera with a method for draining excess moisture from the plant so that it does not take on too much water at once. The plant is very susceptible to losing its leaves if it is submerged in too much water.

How do you encourage Monstera growth?

Obviously, the root system of the plant has to be in place before it can start growing. So, how do you encourage Monstera growth? Water your monstera plant regularly so that it can grow a stronger root system.

You need to water the soil as much as you do the leaves. You might have to water your philodendron a few times a week in order to see results.

Never let your soil get saturated or else it is going to rot and cause fungus which will kill off your plant. Avoid watering the same spot on your monstera’s leaves too often either because this will cause yellowing and browning of leaf tissue.