Papyrus Plant- How to Grow and Care

What is Papyrus Plant?

The papyrus plant (Cyperus papyrus) is an herbaceous perennial plant native to the tropical regions of Africa, including Egypt and the Nile basin. The ancient Egyptians have a reputation for papermaking from this plant so people also refer to it as an Egyptian Papyrus Plant. Since the plant is umbrella-shaped, it is also called the Umbrella plant in some places.

Papyrus is a member of a grass-like group of plants called nutsedges. It produces solid, triangular-shaped stems that can get quite tall, sometimes reaching heights of 6 to 10 feet. When papyrus is in bloom, up to 100 thin, green, thread-like filaments appear in a circular arrangement at the end of each stem. Each of these filaments develops a tiny brown flower at the top that eventually produces seeds. Because papyrus does not produce real leaves, its green stems undergo photosynthesis, providing the plant with nutrients it needs to survive.

papyrus plant
papyrus growing in garden

Scientific Classification  of the Papyrus Plant

Kingdom:            Plantae

Clade:                  Tracheophytes

Order:                  Poales

Family:                Cyperaceae

Genus:                 Cyperus

Species:               C. papyrus

How to Grow Papyrus Plant?

Papyrus grass is easy to grow. It prefers full sun but can also arise in partial shade. The rhizomes in papyrus are usually planted in moist, fertile soil and then immersed in an aquatic environment. It can be planted directly in 3 feet of the muddy substrate to resist heavy stems.

The plant should be kept moist unless immersed. Papyrus seeds don’t germinate easily and take months or more to germinate. Even in their native conditions, the plant does not spread easily for sowing. Papyrus does not need much extra care to be successful as long as it is kept moist.

How to propagate Papyrus plant

  • Divide your papyrus plant in the spring.
  • Cut the papyrus rhizomes into groups of two.
  • Repot new plants and grow them.
  • There is no problem with pests and diseases in this plant so pesticides are not needed for the plant.
  • A requirement for optimal growth is full sun exposure, which keeps tall stems stiff.

Can I grow a Papyrus plant Indoor?

Yes, since the plant is ornamental, it can be grown and use as an indoor plant. However, you must provide proper sunlight to the plant so it gets what it needs.

Here is a video on how to grow Papyrus Plant

How to care for a Papyrus Plant?

Light Requirement

It needs full sun but must be sheltered from strong winds to maintain their healthy and luxuriant appearance and, at best, they should be able to form a large colony.


Papyrus varies from subtropical to tropical deserts, to humid forests, assuming annual temperatures from 20 ° C (68 ° F) to 30 ° C (86 ° F) and a pH from 6.0 to 8.5.


Very high humidity requirements; suitable for peat bogs and water gardens.


Feed-in the spring monthly until autumn with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted in half. Fertilize only during watering to avoid fertilizer burns.

Papyrus Plant
How to grow Papyrus Plant

Potting and re-potting

Divide a ball of papyrus plants grown in containers. Re-pot or throw sections. If the root ball is divided, the plant becomes more vigorous.

Winter Care

Frost or freezing will kill the tops of the papyrus plant, but they can come back if the roots are moderately deep, moistened, or submerged. If you are winter in low light, keep the night temperatures cold in the 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the plant evenly humid or place the plant container in a deep salad filled with 1 or 2 inches of water.

Papyrus Plant in Pot

Uses of Papyrus Plant

  • The fibrous part of the stems has been utilized for making paper.
  • The plant is also traditionally used to make formal bouquets funeral garlands, boats, cordage, fans, sandals, matting, corkage, boxes.
  • Papyrus stems are useful for waterproofing layers in a wooden ship.
  • Papyrus carpets are used for making fences and huts.
  • Rhizomes of papyrus are cut into sections and used as beads for a necklace.

Medicinal Uses

Papyrus had several medicinal uses in the past, though it is little. Burnt papyrus sheets and the ash was used to have the action of pulverized charcoal. And was used in the treatment of certain eye diseases, whereas the ash is also used in ulcers from spreading in the mouth or elsewhere.

Where can I buy a Papyrus plant?

You can find a Papyrus plant for sale in your nearest nursery or florist. You can also buy them online on as well as

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