Shamrock plant- How to Plant, Care, and Uses

Shamrock plant (Oxalis regnellii)

If you are looking for an indoor plant that is easy to grow in the pot, then I would like to suggest you Shamrock plant, a lovely houseplant.

What is a Shamrock plant?

Three-lobed Shamrock Plant
Three-lobed Shamrock Plant

Shamrock plant, scientifically named Oxalis regnellii, is a small specimen that falls under the genus Oxalis of the family Oxalidaceae. It is also commonly known as black plant, black Shamrock, Wine Shamrock, Black Oxalis, and many more. Shamrock plant is an attractive indoor plant, native to tropical America and South Africa. It is a simple houseplant, and there is a saying that this plant brings good luck. Four leaved Shamrock plant is a rare one to find.

Four-lobed Lucky Shamrock Plant
Four-lobed Lucky Shamrock Plant

Talking about the description of the Shamrock plant, the plant grows up to 1 foot. The leaves are clover-shaped, which comes up in the range of many shades. The leaves open during the day and fold up at night. They have three-lobed green or burgundy colored foliage. The flower of the plant is trumpet-shaped that blooms off and on during the fall. The flower colors are white, pink, rose, lavender, and mauve has grayish purple veins. Shamrock plants are rich in nutrients such as iron, nitrogen, oxalic acid, and many more.

Scientific classification of a Shamrock plant

Kingdom: Plantae

Clade: Tracheophytes

Order: Oxalidales

Family: Oxalidaceae

Genus: Oxalis

Species: O. regnellii

Varieties of Shamrock plant

There are over 500 different types of Shamrock plant. Some of the varieties are transformed to weed when it is imported into other regions. Different species of Shamrock plants are of varying sizes, and they have different colored flowers.
Some of the varieties of Shamrock plant are as follows:-

1. Oxalis Regnellii:

Oxalis Regnellii is also known as lucky Shamrock and purple oxalis. This type is native to South America. They have large purple-colored triangular leaves and white flowers that bloom all season round. Oxalis regnellii prefers moist, well-drained soil and partial shade. It is an attractive ornamental plant that is easy to grow.

2. Oxalis tetraphylla:

Oxalis tetraphylla is also known as Iron Cross. It is a four-leaved Shamrock having bicolor leaves. The leaf has dark red in the middle part and green around the outside portion. The height of the plant reaches from 6 inches to 12 inches, and it spread to 8 inches.

3. Oxalis Stricta:

Oxalis Stricta is also known as yellow wood sorrel or North American Woodsorrel. It is one of the common lawn weed. This type of plant is native to Eurasia and North America. They have yellow flowers and heart-shaped leaves growing in green stems. The leaves open during the night and curl up at night. It is an edible plant that reduces fever, nausea, and stomach cramps.

4. Oxalis Acetosella:

Oxalis Acetosella is also known as common wood sorrel. This type is native to Asia and Europe. They have heart-shaped leaves with reddish-brown stems and white flowers. It is an edible part that has medicinal purposes such as it helps to cure sore throat, cramps, nausea, and soothing mouth sores.

5. Oxalis Purpurea:

Oxalis Purpurea is also known as Cape Oxalis. They have dark-green colored diamond-shaped leaves. The colors of the flower are white and pink.

6. Oxalis Albicans:

Oxalis Albicans is also known as Hairy Woodsorrel or white oxalis. This type of plant is native to Southwestern US, northern Mexico, and California. It is a small plant having green colored heart-shaped leaves. Its height increases up to 6 inches. It has a little yellow flower that blooms all season. Oxalis Albicans is also considered as an invasive weed.

Purple Shamrock Plant with white flowers
Purple Shamrock Plant with white flowers

How to grow a Shamrock plant?

Shamrock plant grows from the tiny bulbs, corns, or rhizomes. This plant grows well in partial sun and well-drained soil. This plant is well grown indoors. You can prune the Shamrock plant from seeds. The step of using this method is the same as that of pruning through the bulb. Instead of a bulb, sow some seeds in the pot filled with fertile soil and keep it in the window side that gets sunlight.

How to grow a Shamrock plant from the bulb?

You can grow a Shamrock plant from bulb using the following steps:-

  1. Firstly select the location to grow the plant. The area having partial sunlight is preferred.
  2. Take a pot and fill it with moist and fertile soil.
  3. You can also add compost or potting mix in the mud.
  4. Place the small tuber of Shamrock plant in the soil about a half-inch deep, and the distance between each tuber must be 1/2 one inch apart.
  5. Spread some mud from the top, and water it to keep the soil moist.
  6. After two weeks, you will start to see sprouts.

How to care for a Shamrock plant?

Shamrock plants are easy to care for. You should take care of the plant correctly, especially when you have pets around. Some of the tips to care a Shamrock plant are listed below:

  1. The soil should be fertile, moist, and well-drained with a pH of 5.5 to 7.
  2. Let the soil dry out in between the watering of the plant.
  3. Water the plant every two days.
  4. The plant grows well in partial shade. Too much bright direct sun can kill the plant.
  5. The temperature at night should be between 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The plant grows best if the temperatures do not exceed 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime.
  6. Fertilize the plant every two weeks.
  7. Trim the plant leaves removing the bugs and dispose of the cut foliage properly.

Uses of a Shamrock plant.

Some of the purposes of the Shamrock plant are:

  1. Shamrock plant helps to purify the blood and maintains cholesterol level.
  2. The extracts from the leaves of this plant help you to get rid of respiratory problems.
  3. Shamrock plants are the parts of Irish wedding as it is present in the bouquet.
  4. They are rich in antioxidants.
  5. The white and pink flowers of the Shamrock plant are beautiful and attractive, so they are also used for the decorations.
  6. In Germany, three-leaf clover is used in the coat of arms.

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