How to Grow Garlic in Pots/Container

Garlic is a member of the lily family and is related to onions, chives, leeks, shallots, and scallions. It is actually a perennial plant, not an annual one. That means it will usually come back when you plant it again in your garden.

Garlic has a powerful smell but a delicious taste. The raw garlic consists of 59% water, 33% carbohydrates, 6% protein, 2% dietary fiber, less than 1% fat, vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, and other nutrients.

How do you grow garlic in pots at home?

In order to plant garlic in pots at home, first, off you have to find a good place. A great spot would be a sunny area or even the south side of your house because these areas will get the most sunlight during the day.

Secondly, you should look for an area where the soil is fertile and well-drained because those types of areas will help keep your plants blooming.

Once you’ve found an ideal location, it is now time to start working on your pot! For this project, I recommend that you use some other type of container (like an old pot) so that it can sit in the water while also having drain holes on the bottom of it.

You can also just use a pot that has holes already in it. However, if you’re just starting your project, we’d recommend using an old pot because it’s easier to work with.

You will need a few things in order to start planting the garlic: a shovel, some dirt (or whatever the growing medium is), and of course your plants themselves! But before you plant them, you should make sure they are well prepared by putting them in water for at least two days.

If the plants are in pots make sure they are not sitting directly on the bottom of the pot because they will get too much water and will die.

You can also put rocks or something similar in the bottom of your container to provide a little bit of weight so that it doesn’t move around easily. After your plants are well prepared, it’s time to place them in the hole that was dug for them! Make sure that you remove any rocks and other debris from the dirt before planting.

Then you can put the dirt back into your hole and fill it with water. Pushing down on it will help pack your soil down a little better so that you can create a nice flat surface for growing your garlic plants.

Does garlic grow well in containers?

Yes, garlic will grow quite well in a container. However, it may take a little longer to grow than in the ground. If you are using containers then you need to be especially careful to give your plants as much sunlight as possible. You can also help them out by giving them some extra fertilizer.

One thing also that helps is providing proper drainage and watering for your plants. You want to make sure they don’t sit in stagnant water because they can easily rot if that happens.

Does garlic need full sun?

Garlic does not need full sun in order to grow successfully, but it does need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. Normally it will grow best if the garlic is planted on the south side of a property where there is plenty of sunlight.

If this doesn’t work for you, you can actually still grow garlic even if your plants are in shade. When planted in containers, then you should be aware that some shade is necessary. Without it, however, your garlic won’t be quite as productive as when it has enough light.

Do I need to soak garlic before planting?

Soaking garlic cloves is not absolutely necessary before planting. If you do soak your garlic they will grow faster and have a larger yield, but if you don’t it shouldn’t matter much.

The only thing that you need to pay attention to when you don’t soak the garlic is the time of year that you are planting them. If you plant in the fall, then it would be best to just plant them without soaking because they will be in their dormant stage until spring rolls around again.

Planting bulbils?

Most people don’t realize this but bulbils are actually not cloves at all! They are actually tiny bulbs that grow on top of the garlic plant under the soil.

How often should I water garlic?

You should water your garlic in containers at least once a week. You can also add some fertilizer (like fish emulsion) to the water as well.

However, if you’re planting garlic in the ground then you won’t have to worry about watering as much. In fact, it’s usually more of a problem when growing garlic in the garden rather than in containers because it can easily rot!

How often do you have to fertilize?

Fertilizing your garlic is really important if you want good yields! We recommend that you water them with a weak solution of liquid fertilizer once every 3 weeks or so during hot weather and once every 6 weeks during cool weather.

How long does it take for garlic to grow?

It takes two to three months for garlic to fully grow and develop. If you planted bulbils (which you should), then the wait is even longer. It will take about a year for them to actually sprout and grow into full plants.

How long does garlic last?

The shelf life of the garlic after it has been harvested is typically one to three months if it was stored properly. This means that you shouldn’t store it in areas that are warm or have too much moisture because that can cause it to spoil faster.

What are the varieties and subspecies of Garlic?

Hardneck Garlic: Thi variety of garlic is grown in cold climates and is relatively has larger cloves. These garlic bulbs have purple stripes.

Softneck Garlic: This variety is grown in hot climates. These are small in size with tightly packed cloves. Artichoke garlic, silverskin, and creole garlic are categorized as soft neck garlic.

Other Ways to Grow Garlic

Growing garlic is very easy and simple and can be done in your small kitchen garden as well as in a pot. This herb grows once a year in mild climates while in colder climates cloves (dried flower buds) are planted in autumn, about six weeks before the soil freeze, and harvested in late spring or early summer. Here are the things you should know before you plant it:

  • The garlic cloves must be planted deep enough to prevent the freeze.
  • If this herb is grown under the right conditions, it typically takes nine months to mature. For the best result, the plant should receive at least six hours of sun, daily.
  • This herb can grow in a small space even in the kitchen garden or kitchen itself.

Steps to Grow Garlic in a container

  • To grow garlic, first, a pot or container should be placed, and cloves should be deeper enough.
  • If you want to grow green leaves then cloves can be put close together but if you intend to grow bulbs then the four-inch gap should be maintained, and drainage holes should be made at the bottom of the pot.
  • Now, fill the container with organic soil mixture, and while planting cloves, the flat end of the clove should be pointed down in the soil as that is where the roots grow.
  • Once you have planted the bulbs, the pot should be near the window where it can receive at least six hours of direct sunlight daily.
  • Watering should be done on a daily basis and fertilizing should be done twice a month with a general organic fertilizer.
  • After one week, you will see fresh new shoots. You can start picking once they are four-six inches tall. An inch should be left on each clove to let garlic regrow again.
  • If you want to harvest garlic bulbs, then it will take eight-nine months. The right time is when the leaves turn brown. At this point, you need to remove them from the soil and allow drying for a week.
  • Your homegrown garlic is ready to be used in your cooking, and some can be used to regrow as well.

You can even grow garlic without soil. To grow garlic in water, a little bit of water should be added in a container just enough to cover the bottom of the clove and placed under the windowsill. You can see scapes after few days. Let them grow until they are several inches tall, then cut from the top.

Sunny location and loose, dry, well-drained organic soil are very suitable for cultivating garlic. Similarly, for domestic storage, it is stored warm and dry while commercial storage is stored in a dry, low-humidity environment.

How to care for the garlic plants in Pots/Containers?

Caring for a garlic plant is actually pretty easy and if you just follow these steps you should have no problems.

Roots – The roots should be firm and not soft or rotten. If they are, then the plant will likely die because the roots feed it nutrients through photosynthesis.

– The roots should be firm and not soft or rotten. If they are, then the plant will likely die because the roots feed it nutrients through photosynthesis.

– The leaves of a healthy garlic plant should be deep green in color without any holes in them or anything else that may indicate foul play. They should be around 3 to 5 inches long and have a strong and distinct smell that you can identify right away.

Stem –  Make sure the stem is solid and firm even if it is thin. If it looks really thick then that’s okay but just make sure it doesn’t look like it’s about to break or anything. Bulb – The garlic bulb should be plump and not dried out or shriveled. It should be white and firm, not mushy or disintegrating at all.

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