Brazilian fireworks plant

What is a Brazilian Fireworks Plant?

Brazilian fireworks plant also called Maracas, is a beautiful tropical flower that grows from 6 to 12 inches (15 to 46 cm) tall and 8 to 15 inches wide with green colors. It contains purple and pink spikes of tubular flower clusters which are so attractive. The plant grows all year round if they get enough heat at your home, office, or garden. You can grow Brazilian fireworks as a houseplant as it is an eye-catchy plant because of its floral display and leaves that stand out with its attractive silver veins. The required temperature for this plant is 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (-one degrees Celsius to 4 degrees Celsius) and the required USDA zone is 10 to 12.

Brazilian fireworks plant

How to grow Brazilian Fireworks plant

  • Prepare the place to plant the Brazilian fireworks plant by breaking up the existing soil with the help of hoe, spade, or power tiller.
  • Add organic nutrients and organic manure, peat moss, which helps to improve the drainage, and encourage earthworms and other organisms that help to keep soil healthy. Add granulated starter fertilizer or a balanced all-purpose feed.
  • Maintain spacing among plants because crowding plants result in fewer blooms and weak growth as the plants compete for light and other nutrients.
  • Remove the plant from the container gently. Be careful that you don’t break the stem of the plants.
  • Dig the hole deep enough so the plant will be at the same level in the ground as that was in the container.
  • Push the soil gently around the roots and fill the space around the root ball.
  • Fix the soil down around the plant by hand, foot, or any other flat type of equipment.
  • The stem requires support and vertical space to grow, so you need to build a fence, wall, or supporting structure that allows the plant to grow freely. Water the plants daily for a couple of weeks so that it gets well settled. As and when the plant starts to grow well, you can add water according to the weather and soil type.
  • Apply nutritionally balanced fertilizer either granulated, slow-release, liquid feeds, organic or synthetic to encourage blooming, but excessive use of fertilizer can damage the plants, so it is essential to follow the instructions about how much, and how often you need to apply it to your plants.
  • Prune the plants to get the desired shape and looks. You can pinch the plants back which stimulates dense, bushy new growth, and encourages fresh flowers.

Brazilian fireworks plant Care

  • You need to keep the soil moisture, so for that; you need a pot with holes at the bottom with proper drainage as it loves well-drained soil.
  • Place the plant in a shady location, avoid direct sunlight, and provide indirect but bright light to it.
  • Since it is a tropical plant, it loves the heat and produces the best flowers in a warm climate.
  • If you keep them indoors, allow the plant to stay warm all the year.
  • If you keep the plant in the garden, during the winter it will not produce flowers until spring or summer.
  • Fertilize your plant once a month with liquid fertilizer in a small amount as per the manufacturer’s instructions. You need to use the manure to clean the water that you will use to water your plant.
  • Water your plant as and when it becomes dry. Do not overwater or saturate your plant. If you overwater your plant, it might wilt or die.
  • For the proper care of the flowers, and to keep the plant look at its best, remove the faded blooms.

Where can I buy Brazilian Fireworks Plant or its seed?

You can find Brazilian Fireworks Plant and seeds for sale on Amazon.


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  1. Thank you for the information on this plant. I’ve had these for 20 years or so and never knew what it was or how to properly take care of it. Don’t even remember how I got it but have enjoyed it and received many compliments on it. On Illinois/Wisconsin border.

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