Matthiola Incana – How to Grow and Care

What is Matthiola Incana?

Matthiola Incana is one of the most fragrant flowers which is also known as common stock or Hoary Stock, Brompton stock, or Gilly flower that can be grown easily in your garden. It belongs to the family Brassicaceae. The fragrance of Matthiola Incana is incredibly pleasant, described as sweet and spicy.


Matthiola Incana

The gillyflower is planted as an annual, biennial, or perennial, based on the region where they will be grown. In cold climatic areas, the flowers are planted as an annual. In warmer climates, the stock flower is considered a perennial. Stock can also be regarded as a biennial because it tends to bloom and set seed in its second year.

Color and Appearance

Matthiola Incana ranges in different colors from the basic shades of white, pink, rose, and lavender.  The dwarf variety grows from eight to twelve inches in height whereas the larger varieties grow from two to three feet.

Types of Brompton Stock flower

Starlight Sensation Stock

The starlight sensation stock hybrid grows only up to 18 inches tall. They come up in broad types of colors. You can expect a tremendous fragrant, and single blooms all springs and a few weeks of summer.

White Goddess Stock

It is one of the wide varieties of stock flowers that gardeners can find. They produce a large, sweet-smelling bloom on a single stem of a plant. It comes up in pure-white tint with a yellowish-green center.

Legacy Stock

This variety of flowers grows just two feet tall. They are found in different colors, producing spicy-sweet smell and double flowers. It is a perfect example of why the stock flowers have risen in popularity among all.

Cinderella Stock

The Cinderella hybrid is the dwarf version of the traditional stock flower. It grows no more than 10 inches in height. They are available in a wide range of colors, and this variety of stock flowers are a great choice in the bouquet.

How to grow Matthiola incana?

The hoary flower can be grown from both seedlings and seed. When you are planting it from seedlings, it has a higher success rate. Firstly, the site needs to be selected and well-drained. For cultivation, grow it in a sunny and sheltered bed where the soil is well-drained and neutral or slightly alkaline.

From Seedling

  • Dig out holes which will be enough to place the seedlings.
  • Plant them with 2 inches below the soil and at least a distance of 15 centimeters in between the plants.

From Seeds

If you want to plant from seed, planting in the early season is the best choice. Indoor germination is recommended for growing Matthiola Incana.

  • Sow the seed in the fertile garden soil or a potting mix, and cover it lightly.
  • Water the plants regularly until the seeds begin to germinate. Do not overwater as it may decay the seeds.
  • After germination, you can water the plant twice a week.
  • By keeping the distance of 12 inches among each plant, you can transplant the stock flower into the garden.

Here is a quick video on how to grow and care Matthiola Incana

How to care for Matthiola Incana Flower Plants?

Commonly known as the stock flower, Matthiola Incana flower is easy to care. They do not survive in the high heat of summer, and they bloom in the springtime. This flower should be taken good care.

  • A good planting site that receives full sun and light shadow should be selected. The soil must be moist, fertile, and well-drained. Also, the soil should be mixed with an organic compost mixture.
  • While planting the stock flower, the seeds need to be sowed no more than ½ inch deep. For a fully mature size of the plant, space of 12 to 18 inches should be kept, and they need light for the germination process.
  • Water the flower about twice a week. Do not let the soil dry completely or overwater the plant or seed.
  • Apply a 1 inch to 2-inch layer of organic manure to the soil surrounding the flower. This helps to promote the soil’s moisture and protect the roots from the summer heat.
  • The flower should be fed with all-purpose garden fertilizer. It helps to establish themselves in the garden. The fertilizer’s instructions should be followed properly for proper dosage and application.

Uses of Matthiola Incana Flowers

  • The stock flower is edible. The dibble parts are flowers, leaves, and seedpods. The flowers are eaten as a vegetable, or they are used as a garnish.
  • It is used for the dye purpose too. A dark blue or purple dye is obtained from the flower of the stock plant.
  • They are used in floral arrangements, flower bouquets, and decorative displays.
  • In the medicinal sector, an infusion of this flower has been used in the treatment of cancer.
  • When it is mixed with wine, it has been used as an antidote for poisonous bites.
  • One of its particular uses is to attract wildlife towards it.

Where can I buy the Matthiola Incana plants and seeds?

YOu can buy flowers from the nearest florist. If you want to buy plants or seeds, you can contact the nearest nursery. Various seeds of Matthiola Incana are available in Amazon as well as Etsy for sale.

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