Amaryllis flower

Flowers and their Symbols

Flowers are beautiful things with their different shapes and colors but do you know every flower has its significance and meaning? Everyone love flowers and must of us also conspicuously give flowers as a present on birthday, wedding, funeral and use them on different occasion. The symbolic language of flowers has recognized for centuries in …

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Silver vase plant

Silver vase plant

What is a Silver Vase plant? Silver vase plant, also known as urn plant is a species of the flowering plant in the bromeliad family. It is a houseplant and is native to Brazil. Silver vase plant is the best species in this genus that become successful in gaining the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of …

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Angel-wing Begonia

Angel-wing Begonia, also known as dragon wing is a hybrid begonia plant that native to tropical regions. South America is the origin of this plant. It is the result of a cross between Begonia Aconitifolia and begonia Coccinea that was made by California breeder in 1926. It has large, ‘’angel wing’’ shaped, dark green leaves, …

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guppy plant

Guppy Plant :How to Grow and Care

What is Guppy plant? Guppy plant, also known as Nematanthus gregarius, clog plant, and goldfish plant, is a beautiful flowering plant that grows on trees. This plant has long stems covered in dark glossy green leaves and orange flowers. It belongs to the Gesneriad family and is native to Brazil. ‘Kissing lips’ plant is another …

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